Old Town Farm Inn Preferred Links

This page is our way of thanking the businesses and associations on this page. None of these businesses have paid us even a penny for advertising. Nor have they asked us to list them here. We have patronized each and every one of them and highly recommend them all. They have simply provided us with ha very high level of service or a very high quality product, and we highly recommend that you visit them and find out how they can delight you with their surprising customer service and commitment to quality.

Local Chester/Ludlow Businesses

Black River Produce Outstanding selections of fresh produce and seafood. Wide variety of specialty items and Vermont products. If you are looking for something and they don't have it on hand, feel free to ask...their staff is very knowledgeable and always eager to learn. And there is NO ONE within well over a hundred miles who is more likely to be able to get it. They are supplying hundreds of chefs and their retail offerings are restaurant rather than supermarket quality -- you will taste the difference!

Okemo Valley Regional Chamber of Commerce Their website is full of ideas for things to do and places to stay and eat. the best thing about their website is the Vermont vacation planner where you can build your own custom Vermont travel guide in almost no time and without having to learn computer programming. Also Ed and the staff are extremely knowledgeable about area recreational activities.

Martial  Arts

Zendokai Martial Arts International An organization of martial artists with stringent requirements for both Martial Arts performance and personal development and deportment. Senior ZDK black belts include federal, state and local law enforcement professionals, military veterans, and dojo/dojang owners from across the US, Canada, and as far away as India and New Zealand.

Martial arts legend Professor Wally Jay has called the ZDK's Super Summer Seminars at Colgate University "One of the best camps in the country." And anyone who has ever met the professor knows that the professor knows! We have attended a half dozen Super Summer Seminars, if you are into martial arts on any level and want to expand your horizons, tyhen Super summer Seminars is a "must do" event.

ZDK offers:

  • weekend long martial arts training camps
  • police defensive tactics seminars
  • self defense seminars for trained martial artists and for the general public
  • special programs
  • mentoring programs
  • charity fund raising activities
  • in-school self defense classes for kids.

Plus they have a pretty interesting site originally put together by Innkeeper Aleks! Check out the cool logo graphics.

Other Local Inns

No we're not crazy! We know that our country style inn may not be the ideal choice for everyone. These are in our opinion the finest inns in the Chester/Ludlow area. We base our opinion on the appearance and amenities of the rooms, the quality of the food, and most importantly, the personalities of the innkeepers. After all its the personal touch that sets an in head and shoulders above a hotel or motel.

Rowell's Inn Early Nineteenth century ambiance and luxurious rooms, excellent breakfasts and dinners. they offer several packages.

Inn Victoria Victorian Romance as it was (or should have been). Jack and Janet will do their best to you every need during your stay with them. Ask them about their packages.

Inn at Weathersfield  Modern amenities in a classic new England inn. Just around the corner from us, just off the "beaten path." Awesome presentations by Chef Jason

Andrie Rose Inn  Beautiful romantic Inn in Ludlow. We know that Japanese food may not be for everyone. Memories of award winning chef Irene's dinners will have you smiling in years to come.

Other Lodging Links

Chester Innkeepers Association almost  two dozen independent innkeepers working together in harmony (well almost!) to provide vacationers the best selection of lodging and dining choices in and around the Chester, Vermont area.

Okemo Valley Hospitality Association Independent innkeepers working together in harmony to provide vacationers the best selection of lodging and dining choices in and around the Ludlow, Vermont area.