The Old Town Farm Dinner Menu
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To Kai Te – Beyond the Ocean


Starters and Soups


ɣ Vegetable Gyoza or Pork and Shrimp Shumai… 6  

   Vegetable  Tempura… 9  Shrimp Tempura… 12 Soft Shelled Crab Tempura…13

Our own Japanese shiro miso soup in a katsuo/buri broth seasoned with kelp... 5 



 ɣ Our Garden salad Freshest baby greens and vegetables with Michiko’s ginger dressing… 5

Cucumber/Seaweed Salad – Sliced cucumber supports a bed of red, white, blue, and green staghorn and wakame seaweed, blue crab meat and Michiko’s wasabi ponzu dressing… 14



Crispy and Whispy. Traditional style tempura dinners featuring fresh vegetables and the finest seafood deep fried in a special batter served with our own in-house made tempura dipping sauce.

Vegetable Tempura… 17

Ebi Tempura (Shrimp Tempura) with Vegetables… 27
Kani Tempura (Soft-shelled Crab Tempura)… 33         
Combination Tempura (Soft-shelled Crab and Shrimp)… 36
(all tempura dinners served with miso soup, garden salad,  and steamed tamanishiki rice)


Vegan and vegetarian dishes are also available with advance arrangements. These are not available A la minute.



(all entrées served with miso soup, garden salad,  Japanese vegetables and pickles and steamed tamanishiki rice)

Saikyoyaki Gindara (Broiled Sweet Miso Sable Fish)

Fillets of sustainably (trap) caught Alaskan Sable fish marinated and Tamari Miso glazed and broiler roasted Kyoto fashion… 32


Gyu  no Teriyaki (Teriyaki Steak)

For steak lovers. Teriyaki means “shiny roasted”. Amish raised AAA choice (top 3% of choice) aged hanging tenderloin, marinated and basted while broiling to achieve a perfect shiny finish. Served medium rare unless otherwise specified. Can also be served non marinated… 30


Sake no Dengaku (Seasoned broiled Salmon)

Sushi grade salmon marinated with sweet miso and spices, then broiler roasted. Please specify if you prefer medium or well done… 23


Unagi Kabayaki (fresh water eel)

Our house specialty! From To-Kai-Tei, Michiko’s family’s restaurant in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan since 1879. Filleted freshwater eel, marinated, parboiled then grilled with a family recipe sauce handed down for generations… 30


Maguro No Tataki (Seared Tuna)

Sushi grade big-eye tuna flame seared, served with a karashi-miso sauce… 33

Omakase Chirashi Zushi

Served with miso soup and garden salad. Chirashi zushi is “scattered Sushi” an artful arrangement of raw and prepared seafood, on a bed of our own premium Tamanishiki sushi rice. Best value for the sushi lover served with miso soup and garden salad... 45


Poke (pokay)
A Hawai’ian style cheviche of bigeye tuna… 33


Sushi and Sashimi

Please note: We are in Vermont, not all fish species are available at all times!


Hamachi (Yellowtail Amberjack), Katsuo (Skipjack), Maguro (Big Eye Tuna), Sake (Salmon). Unagi (Fresh Water Eel)


Nigiri Sushi (2 pcs per order)… 5

Maki Rolls ... 7

Spicy Maki rolls...8

ɣ Vegetarian (available selections vary, please ask)   4

California (real blue crab) … 7
Please Specify Orange or Wasabi Tobikko

Philadelphia… 7

Shrimp Tempura/Avocado… 8

Spider (Soft shelled crab, avocado, orange or wasabi tobikko)… 12

Dragon Futomaki (Eel, Avocado, Tempura Shrimp, Spices - Big Roll)… 16

Rainbow -- Sliced Sashimi (omakase) over a Crab/Avocado Roll)…14
Add tobikko to any roll… 1


If you don’t see what you have in mind, please ask. If we can make it we will!


Sashimi Combinations of sliced fish served on shredded daikon please let us know your finfish

Please specify a budget.
preferences (2 species) …  13 (minimum)      (3 species)… 20   (minimum)      (four species) … 30 (minimum)





Hot Japanese Sencha Green Tea     1

Coffee     2

Iced green tea     2

Iced thick green tea (Ma-Cha)     5

Coke, Root beer, Sprite, Ginger Ale     2
Please not our BYO is only for alcoholic beverages. Outside soft drinks subject to corkage...2 per



  Green tea or Red Bean Ice Cream, Maeda-en from Japan    6
 ɣ  Dai-fuku (Sweet bean paste in sticky rice bun)     4

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